Class Policies

Every class day, unless you are told in advance, you are to bring the current textbook, notebook, and other required materials.
If you are missing anything, points will be deducted from you grade.
Internet Policy
Email - You may contact me by email, or send some assignments through the internet, if you are going to be absent. I check my email most days before the end of the school day.
ALWAYS contact me using [email protected] and with your own account!
Parents: Please put the student's name in the subject line of your email for identification purposes.

The class website (through the website) is useful to get reminders, announcements, links to other sites of interest, and copies of handouts given in class. There is also very important information about what is happening in class. If you do not have access to the internet at home, you can access this site from the school library.

You are responsible to check it everyday.


POWER SCHOOL can be used to view your grades, assignments, and class announcements. 

Google Classroom will be used for submitting specific assignments. You must join the class period using your email account and the specific class code.  you can find this code on the class website under your specific period.
Remind App is a free and safe way to receive updates.  You can get messages by text, app, or email depending on how you set yourself up.  Sign up at this link:  and use the class code @3eg22f (Seniors) or @3he97b (Sophomores)
Cell Phone Policy - Cell phones are not to be used in class - even for telling time.  There is a functioning clock in the classroom.  Cell phones are to be put in their assigned place before class and not removed until class is over. Cell phones that are used in class FOR ANY REASON will be confiscated.

Extra help or conferences
I will be in my classroom for extra help or questions every day (with few exceptions) after school, and before homeroom every day in S104. Arrangements can be made to meet with me at other times.  My classroom is available for extra help, study groups, working on projects, hanging out to work on homework, etc.  It is up to you to come with something to do. 

Missing Class (absence, field trips, office requests)
Missing class for any reason can have an affect on your grade because you are missing valuable class time, discussions, and presentations. You are responsible for your own makeup work. Absence is NOT an excuse for missing notes and homework. You can check the class website for assignments and announcements.


Office requests – If you have an office request slip, you must come to class first and show it to me before going to the office. If it is a test or quiz day, you must first take the test and then go to the office unless other arrangements have been made with me in advance. If this policy is not followed, you may not make up the test.

If you know in advance that you are going to be absent, see me BEFORE you are out so that you can get assignments. This may not be all of the work you miss, so you will be responsible to find out what additional work you missed. Check with the website, a friend, or power school before you return to school.


All work, inside and outside of the classroom, may given a point value. The quarter grade is determined by dividing the total points earned by the total points possible. EX. A student with 600 points earned out of a possible 750 points will receive a quarter grade of 600/750, or 80%.

Quizzes – These will be given at any time, possibly several per week. They are short checks on material from previous lessons, assigned reading, or homework.

Weekly Gospel quizzes are given to test you understanding of the Sunday Gospel reading for the week. The Gospel can be reviewed by going to the USCCB website found in the links page.
Written Tests – approx. 3 per quarter. You will always be given notice of tests. They will cover larger blocks of material. Tests missed because of absence MUST be made up on the day you return to school, and may or may not be the test that the rest of the class took. Failure to take the makeup test on time may result in a “0” grade.

Projects/Ongoing assignments – There will be several projects during the year. There will be written instructions and adequate time for each project.

Homework – Writing and reading assignments will be checked. Homework quizzes will be given regularly to check for reading and understanding. Written assignments are to be written on in the homework section of your notebook. Students have significantly changed their quarter grade with their homework habits.

Journals – The purpose of the journal is to promote reflection and prayer. Journals are not an option. Journals will be written and collected the classroom.

Participation and Readiness – Be prepared for class. Not having your books and supplies will result in points coming off your readiness grade. Participation in class discussion and group work, as well as being able to answer questions on assigned reading, will go into the  participation grade.
Missing/Late Assignments - Assignments must be turned in during the class period on the day they are due. Missing assignments MUST be made up after school within the week to receive credit.  NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED unless they are done in the classroom after school. Credit will be on a sliding scale. (1 day late = 80%, 2 days late =70%, 3 days late = 60%,  4 days late = 50%, 5 days late = 40%, 6 or more days = no credit, but can submit for correction and comment.)