Article of the Week Directions

Article of the Week will be assigned at the beginning of the week, usually on Sunday evening, and will be due on Friday before 7:30 AM. Each assignment will follow the same format.
  1. READ the article through once before starting any of the written parts.
  2. Open the google form quiz.  Keep the article close because you can refer to it as you complete the quiz.  Submit the quiz.
  3. Open the google doc.  You will have your own document, so there is no need to put your name on it.  The system already named it for you. For all of the parts within the (parenthesese), highlight what is there and then type your answer. It will replace the text with your answer and keep it in bold and underlined.
    1. Purpose of the article: This is asking why the author wrote the article for the ORIGINALLY INTENDED AUDIENCE.  Possible answers here might be: to entertain/amuse, to persuade others about... (what), to explain... (what), to argue the point that...(what), to question ...(what), to demonstrate... (what), to inspire others to... (what).  Be specific and NEVER USE ¨to tell¨, ¨to say¨, etc.
    2. Audience of the article: This is asking for the original audience, the one the author had in mind when he/she wrote the article. Thev answer is NEVER ¨everyone¨ or ¨the reader¨.  Look at the source of the writing for clues.  If the article is from the LIFETEEN blog, the article is likely to be written for Catholic teens.  If it is from USA Today, it is probably for the American public.  Look at the purpose of the article and consider WHO.  Who is the author attempting to entertain, persuade, explain something to, etc.
    3. The first paragraph asks for the title and author of the article.  Take this directly from the article and do not abbreviate or shorten it. Find the sentence in the text that summarizes the main idea of the article and copy it into the document where it askes for the quote.  Explain what the quote means in your own words in the next sentence.
    4. For the second paragraph, identify three important points that the author makes that support the main idea.  This is not to be a repeat of the main idea, but supporting points.  This is not a quote.  It needs to be in your own words.
    5. Paragraph three is about the thing that stood out most for you. First quote the part that stands out and then explain the reason that it is important. Add another reason this quote stands out.
    6. In the fourth paragraph, think about what you would still like to know about the subject.  This is where many students get confused.  The first blank is to put the topic you still wonder about.  The next two blanks are for th questions you still have that are relat4ed to the topic you put in the first blank.  Please look at the example below. 
      1. This article raises questions regarding (the Article of the Week), for example, (Will the article be posted on line or a paper handout?) and (Can I make up missed articles?). 
    7. The final paragraph is where you will put the most important lesson you learned in the article. It should connect to the main point of the article.  Look at the purpose of the article. 
  4. Submit the document through google classroom.  Both the google form and the google doc are due by 7:30am Friday.  Late assignments will NOT be accepted online.  You must come to my classroom after school within the following week to do any late assignments.