Quarter 1 Project

The Ten Commandments

120 points

Due Tuesday, November 5th

You will be creating a booklet on the Ten Commandments.

  • Each page will feature one of the Commandments. See the bottom of this page for a sample.
  • The page heading is the text of the Commandment and the Scripture reference.
    • Use the textbook page 357 for the EXACT wording of the Commandment.
    • Use Exodus chapter 20 OR Deuteronomy chapter 5 to determine the Scripture reference.
  • Divide each page into two parts.
    • On one part, use pictures to illustrate how someone would keep the commandment, and explain the illustration.
    • On the other part, illustrate how someone would break it, and explain your picture.
  • LAST PAGE - End you booklet with an essay describing any one of the Commandments that is difficult for a teenager today to keep.  Include in the essay what temptations present themselves and what you can do to avoid or fight these temptations.
  • The format for the essay page is to be followed EXACTLY:
    • One full page, double spaced
    • 12 point, Times New Roman font
    • 1-inch margins
    • One line heading - Your name and period (Example: John Smith, period 4)  
Sample page done on Google Slides: