The Office of Student Affairs


Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs at Archbishop Ryan High School.   At Archbishop Ryan, we cherish each student as a unique and wonderful gift from  God.  This is what makes Archbishop Ryan and Catholic education so important for your child.


In the Office of Student Affairs, we pride ourselves as having a warm and welcoming environment that is student-centered.  Our office staff is here to help students with any non-academic need that they may have.  We are responsible for making their time at Archbishop Ryan as memorable as possible. Our door is always open for anyone who may need help.  We are here to help students, parents, and faculty with any questions or concerns.  Our Parents’ Club along with our Archbishop Ryan Theater Arts Parents Association (ARTAPA) are just two of our parent groups which are very active in student life.  


We have over 35 extracurricular activities from Art Club to Yearbook, to interest and challenge our students.  We offer 24 different sports teams for boys and girls.  We also have a very strong music and theater program which performs two plays each year.  Over seventy five percent of our students are involved in some activity outside of the classroom.  


Thank you for choosing or considering Archbishop Ryan High School for your child’s education.  We are here for you.  


Assistant Principal for Student Affairs:
Mrs. Kaitlin Freiling
Administrative Assistant: Ms. Manda Hill '03