10% Summary

Read the article through once. 
Reread the article closely for better understanding.
Use the focus sheet linked here to organize your summary.
Write you summary. Remember that the summary is to be 10% of the size of the original article and highlight the most important details of what you read.
Type your summary on the google doc attached to the assignment in Google classroom and submit. 

The 10 percent summary should

  • Be approximately 10 percent of the length of the original article. 
  • Summarize content - not express the opinion of the summarizer.
  • Begin with a sentence that includes the title of the article, the source, the author or authors, and a summary of the topic, all correctly punctuated. Use the acronym "T"SAT (article title, source, author, and topic) as a reminder to students. (The quotes around the T and the underlining of the S indicate to students to put the title of the article in quotes and underline the source.)
  • Include the main ideas in the order the article presents them, without introducing personal opinion.
  • Be written in the summarizer's own words but may include a few short quotes, especially if these contain original expressions that convey the tone of the article.