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Head Coach, Frank McArdle, and his staff form the core of the program. The Ryan football program is comprised of 3 teams: Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshmen. Rated as one of the top programs in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Ryan has captured numerous Catholic League Championships. Raiders Football can be heard on WBCB1490.


The Varsity and Junior Varsity and Freshmen teams play a highly competitive League and non-league schedule. Ryan Baseball plays on one of the finest fields in the area which is located on our campus. The team has won the PCL Championship on several occasions, including 1998. Head Coach: Gerry Eck


Head Coach, Bernie Rogers and a 6 member staff. Ryan Basketball places a b emphasis on developing the skills and tactics of its 3 team program. Ryan's Varsity team strives to be a playoff team challenging for the division title.

Cross Country - Briarwood

Head Coach, Ed Ulmer and staff. Ryan Cross Country is a Fall sport requiring endurance and stamina. Ryan runners train and compete at Belmont Plateau. The Cross Country team also competes in meets on the State level and in competition from New York to Virginia.


Walt Bradby is presently the Coach of the Golf Team. The Ryan Golf Team won the Team Championship only once, in 1977, at Oak Terrace CC, now known as Talamore CC in Ambler, PA. Individual Champions have been numerous: R. Sean Cooke ('85), Joe Makowski ('92), Mike Haney ('95), and Bill Fitzgerald (2000). 

Ice Hockey

We field teams at both the Varsity and JV level. The Varsity plays in the PCL and the JV team plays in the Inter-county League. Home games are played at the FSZ-NE. The program is led by Coach John Hunter who has over twenty years of coaching experience and is well respected in the ice hockey community.

Indoor Track

Head Coach, Ed Ulmer. Boys Indoor Track has a proven track record, winning the PCL Championship in 1981, 82, 84, 88, 92, and 95. The team competes in Statewide meets, as well as in New Jersey and at Lehigh University. Approximately 60 boys compete in various track and field events.


The boys' lacrosse team competes in the Catholic League during the Spring season. The `98 squad became the 1st playoff team in Ryan's history. The team has made the playoffs for the last 3 seasons.

Outdoor Track

The Track and Field team which competes in the Spring of the year, carries approximately 70 participants. This team and individuals compete for honors in the Catholic League and State level. Head coach: Ed Ulmer


Better known as "The Father" of American Football, is the sport of Rugby, a club sport at AR. Played with 15 players on a field, no forward passes, no time outs, and 40 minute halves with only 5 minutes in between, and played on a larger field than football, with continuous activity, Rugby is one of the most competitive games around.


Archbishop Ryan Soccer is one of the outstanding high school programs in Pennsylvania. Ryan has taken 12 of the last 23 Catholic League Championships. Approximately 70 players make up the three team sport. The Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshmen teams play on the finest field in the area. Many Ryan players win scholarships to area colleges and some have gone on to play for national teams and the pros.  Head coach: Michael Bradby


The Swim team trains and competes in the beautiful and modern Alberta Morris Pool across the street from the school. The program develops great swimmers and helps promote team spirit in a highly competitive atmosphere.  Head coach: Ed Macko

Wrestling - new for 2013!

Head Coach, John Swift, along with 5 assistant coaching staff members starting new wrestling program see Facebook page for updates. 


Boys' Volleyball competes in the Spring and is a new sport for Archbishop Ryan.  Head coach: David Kramer



The Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshmen Basketball teams train and play in their own beautiful gym. The season consists of 25 games and competes in the Northern Division of the PCL. Many members of the team come from CYO programs begun in the grade schools. Development of their court skills and tactics continue on the High School level.  Head coach: Mike McCusker


Ryan's Bowling team is comprised of approximately 12-15 girls. This sport provides an excellent opportunity to refine skills in this competitive and enjoyable setting. Girls' Bowling won four consecutive PCL championships for 1997, 98, 99, and 2000.  Head coach: Andrew Martin


The Ryan Cheerleading team is comprised of 2 squads; Varsity and Junior Varsity. With approximately 35 members on Varsity and 30 on the JV team. The girls cheer during both the football and basketball seasons. The squads also enter competitions and compete nationally throughout the year. In the 2012-13 season, the varsity squad won District 12 and All Catholic, also placing third in the state and 6th nationally.  Head coach: Nancy Cartwright

Field Hockey

The Varsity and Junior Varsity teams compete in the PCL. This sports offers our girls the opportunity to enjoy competition in a highly technical and physically demanding sport. The team practices and plays on campus during the Fall season.  Head coach: Alice Faber

Indoor Track

Historically, this team has won many individual honors and Team Championships; taking the PCL in 1991 and 1992. The girls are renowned for their dedication and work ethic.  Head coach: Ed Ulmer

Outdoor Track

The Spring Track team involves about 50 girls who compete in many track and field events. Their training and development prepare them to compete for the Catholic League Title in May. This outstanding team has won numerous League Championships.  Head coach: Ed Ulmer


The Ryan Soccer Program is one of the best in the area. The Varsity and Junior Varsity teams are made up of players who were trained at many of the local club teams in the area. Girls Soccer has won the Catholic League Championship for the past 2 seasons!  Head coach: Ryan Haney


The Softball Program consists of two teams: Varsity and Junior Varsity. The sport is highly competitive and requires athletic talent and great determination. The Softball team plays its games on our newly renovated field which is one of the finest in the area.


The Ryan Girls Swim team train and compete in the state-of-the-art Alberta Morris Pool located directly across the street from Ryan. The highly talented and motivated team usually challenges for the Team Title, while producing many individual honors at the championship meet.  Head coach: Ed Macko


The Tennis team plays its matches during the Fall season. The girls train and play on our own courts. They have won the Catholic League Championship, and are annual contenders for the crown.  Head coach: John Shamberger


The sport is comprised of two teams, Varsity and Junior Varsity which compete in the Fall. The girls compete in the newly renovated Girls gym which provides a superior setting to learn a highly skilled and demanding sport.  Head coach: Nora Kramer


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