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Admissions Application

8th Grade Admissions Process
Thank you for your interest in registering your child at Archbishop Ryan High School. We couldn't be happier that you are considering a Catholic Education for your child(ren). At Archbishop Ryan, each student receives the best education while living the Gospel values each day. We review each application individually and holistically, looking to admit only the best students who are passionate about engaging in our campus community. We look forward to being a part of your child's successful future which starts here.
Daniel Clifton '11
Director of Admissions
Step 1: Visit
To make the most informed decision about your child's future, you should attend one or more of the following:
During your visit to Archbishop Ryan, you'll see how our wonderful school offers a uniquely welcoming experience that's focused on the stellar achievement of every student and how our exceptional faculty inspires our students with a passion for learning. Through the modeling and teaching of Catholic values rooted in the Franciscan tradition, our instructors create a supportive and respectful environment that promotes Christian stewardship.
Step 2: Apply
Trust us, you're making a great choice!
Archbishop Ryan High School reviews every application individually and holistically, looking to admit quality students who are passionate about engaging in our campus community and who bring personal qualities of integrity, perseverance, and leadership. Archbishop Ryan is proud of our rich tradition of academic excellence and preparing our students for a successful future.
Step 3: Supporting Documents
Let's see the big picture!
Now that you've applied, it's important that we get all of the supporting documents as soon as possible. Please submit your final 7th grade report card, most recent report card, standardized test scores, and any curriculum modifications to In order to receive any financial assistance (merit or need based) all applicants must complete a FACTS financial aid application as well.
Step 4: Test
Bring confidence with learning!
All incoming students are required to take the High School Entrance Test. The Entrance Test will be used as an entrance and placement exam. Students who have scores that meet the minimum requirements during the fall test may be eligible for scholarships. If you take the Scholarship Test in the Fall, you do not need to take the Entrance Test.
Step 5: Commit to Ryan
Submit your Registration Fee!
Secure your child's seat at Archbishop Ryan by submitting your non-refundable registration fee. To ensure we have enough spaces for eager students, the registration fee and acceptance of award letters must be returned within two weeks of your admissions decision.
If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Archbishop Ryan High School Admissions Office for more information:
Daniel Clifton '11
Director of Admissions
215.637.1800 Ext. 221