Ryan for Life

"The measure of love is to love without measure."

Every human being, at every stage and condition, is willed and loved by God.  For this reason, every human life is sacred.  To deprive someone of life is a grave wrong and a grave dishonor to God.  Because we are created in the image of God, who is Love, our identity and our vocation is to love. 


Thus, Ryan for Life gives students opportunities to promote the Catholic Church's pro-life teachings and ideals.  During the course of the year, members of Ryan for Life will work to quell the culture of death by participating in various activities, service projects, marches, and rallies which promote the dignity of human life at every stage.  Most importantly, Ryan for Life is committed to praying for the most vulnerable in our society and for those who have the responsibility to protect them.



All students are invited and encouraged to take a stand by joining Ryan for Life.