Bonaventure Program

The Bonaventure Program is a resource room for secondary students with learning disabilities sponsored by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Students are rostered into standard high school classes for all but one period each day.  During this "resource period," the program teachers, all of whom are certified special education teachers (with 20+ years experience), meet with the students in the Bonaventure Program.  Students have a full academic schedule; accommodations are developed through consultation between the program teachers and subject-area teachers.  These accommodations are specified on each student's Individual Education Program (I.E.P.).

Based on individual student's needs, necessary accommodations for the learning disability (i.e., oral testing, proof-reading of reports, preferential seating, provisions of class notes, homework accommodations, etc.) will be specified on their I.E.P.  This information is shared with each of the student's teachers.