Internal Fundraising Policy

Internal Fundraising Policy

Fundraising Consent Form 


Internal Fundraising Policy

At Archbishop Ryan, the President’s Office and the Director of Institutional Advancement oversee all fundraising. The office staff devotes its professionalism and expertise to

  • overseeing and coordinating all fundraising efforts in a way that best promotes the interests of the Archbishop Ryan school community, parents, graduates and friends who generously support the school
  • safeguarding the fiduciary and legal responsibilities inherent in all fundraising efforts
  • The President and Director of Institutional Advancement are responsible for key elements of effective fundraising, including but not limited to:
  • Gathering information about the needs of the school and the interests of our donors
  • Managing an ongoing identification, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship program with donors
  • Providing recognition and thanks, accurate receipts, tax information and attention to confidentiality
  • Providing accountability and regular reports to the Board and the whole community through annual reports
  • Overseeing the timeline of all development efforts (e.g., annual fund timeline, special events and programs)

Fundraising Guidelines

Internal Fundraising Policy

  1. Every fundraiser must be approved by the School President.   Direct fundraising without proper approval is prohibited. This includes:
    • every event, sale, raffle, program advertising, sponsorship, etc.
    • fundraising by school groups, teams or individuals
    • fundraising that is verbal, by telephone, email or print
  2. All fundraising must be considered in terms of the timing of our annual fund, capital gift solicitations and primary fundraiser. One-time events must be scheduled in conjunction with the annual school calendar and reviewed by the school administration. All fundraising activities must be approved by submitting the Fundraising Consent form at least one month prior to the proposed fundraiser.
  3. Student-Based Fundraising: Fundraising that is done by students that supports student unity and encourages student activities, needs to be vetted by the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs, the Principal’s designee, and the Director of Institutional Advancement.

Gifts In-Kind

Archbishop Ryan is required to keep accurate records because the school is responsible for recording and reporting all financial gifts.

  1. If an offer is made to purchase an item for a club, team, classroom, etc., it must be discussed with the Director of Institutional Advancement PRIOR to the item being purchased or donated.
  2. Gifts (cash, check, in-kind) given directly to someone other than a member of the Advancement Office must be processed through the office so that proper accounting, processing and stewardship can occur.

The Annual Fund

Tuition does not completely sustain our operating budget. We rely on donations to our annual fund and other development efforts managed by the Advancement Office to support our school. We encourage donors to support the priorities and budgeted needs established by the President, Principal, and the Board. However, within these guidelines, donors may direct gifts toward major categories of the operating budget.

Archbishop Ryan asks all of our constituents to support the Ryan Fund, our annual fund;, our annual fundraising events; and our EITC Program, if able.  

For More Information

Please contact Joe McFadden, Principal/Interim President, with questions. 215-637-1800 or [email protected]