Renaissance Club


Archbishop Ryan celebrates the academic growth and achievement of its students through the Renaissance program.


Committed to Rewarding Excellence

The Renaissance program is a concept and attitude.  We are working to increase student achievement and celebrate success.  Ultimately, we hope to one day have 100% of the students on campus become part of Renaissance.

ARHS is proud to join many other schools throughout the nation in making a commitment to student academic excellence and self-improvement through Renaissance. Ryan has been a part of the Renaissance program for one year and has already seen growth in academic achievement.

Three Major Goals. . .

1              To focus on and emphasize academic excellence

2              To recognize and reward student achievement

3              To recognize and reward staff achievement

Renaissance Club supports the overall Renaissance program at Archbishop Ryan.  The students in the club are responsible for fundraising activities, preparations for guest speakers, organizing games and activities at the rallies, and planning the annual academic pep rally.  The members of the club are active participants in ideas and decision making, which benefit   ARHS students. This is a rewarding club that needs students who are willing to be actively involved in the school.

Ms. Dooley
Ynobe Robinson '22