Office of Student Services

Archbishop Ryan High School, its Administration, Faculty, and Staff through the teachings of Christ, cooperate with one another to fulfill the mission of Catholic education and to provide an atmosphere of lifelong learning. 
Through the use of our code of conduct, our goal is to guide the behavior of students to develop a sense of integrity, self-discipline, responsibility and mutual respect so they may learn to be accountable for the choices they make, and be ready for the challenges they will face as young Christian adults.
The Assistant Principal for Student Services, with the guidance of the Principal, is responsible for the daily operations of the Student Services Office in regards to the following:
  • Discipline Issues and Policies
  • Security and Safety
  • Attendance
  • Guidance Department
  • Nurse/Health
  • Transportation
If you have any questions, please contact the Student Services Office at 215-637-1800 ext. 6045.
If a student is absent, a parent or guardian must call the Attendance Office at 215-637-2247 before 9:30am on the day of absence, stating:
  1. Student’s name.
  2. Student's ID Number
  3. Homeroom section
  4. Reason for absence
  5. Name, relationship and telephone number of caller
If a phone call is not received, two demerits will be issued upon the student’s return. Please note that a doctor’s certificate must be submitted for an absence of three or more days.
Locker Information
Students should refer to their rosters for their locker number. All lockers require a lock to be used on them. Only locks sold from Archbishop Ryan may be used on the lockers.
Locks are available for purchase in the Office of Student Services for $10. Student Services will open up in late August to purchase locks.
Important Information: