Health Services

The School District of Philadelphia assigns certified school Nurses/ Practitioners to promote health behaviors so that students can enjoy optimal health and academic success. Case finding includes the performing of vision, hearing, and growth screenings, physical exams, and managing illnesses and emergencies.

Students who become ill may go to the Nurse during Health Room hours during 3rd, 4th, and 6th periods. Mandatory testing and health screenings are done at other times. A student with a true emergency is seen at any time. Health Room hours improve the quality of health care to students and decrease the number of distractions in the classroom. Sick or injured students obtain from the teacher a signed note to take to the Health Room. The Nurse signs the note, indicating the time the student returns to class, if a student misses a class, claiming s/he was ill but did not follow the proper procedure, the class is marked cut or the student truant. The health room is North 218.

If a student is too ill to remain in school, the Nurse notifies the parent/ guardian. A parent or other responsible adult designated by the parent picks up the student at the Office of Student Services. A student ill enough to go home may not leave school unescorted. No student on his or her own, may call a parent and arrange to be picked up. Only the nurses or Student Services personnel may notify parents to pick a student up. Violations of this rule will be considered a discipline matter and demerits may be issued.

Students are not permitted to carry any medications, including Tylenol or Advil. Students who require daily medications during the school day must contact the Nurse to obtain the necessary form to be completed by the doctor or advanced practice Nurse. Medication must be in the original container with the pharmacy label in place. The school Nurse or designee administers the medicine.

Parents are encouraged to call the Nurse to discuss health concerns of their son or daughter.