Health and Physical Education

Our philosophy is based on the belief that health and physical education are an integral part of the total education process. The mission of the department is to provide updated information and varied experiences that allow individuals to enter adult life with skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to enjoy a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Health Education is a required one semester course for 9th graders. The course is designed to present current information to the students and enable them to make informed decisions concerning their physical, mental and social well-being. Areas of study include but are not limited to first aid, physical fitness, communication, nutrition, stress management, mental health, consumer health, sexuality, STD, and drug abuse.

Physical Education is a required one semester course for 10th graders. The classes consist of activities including but not limited to team and individual sports (football, volleyball, soccer, softball, lacrosse, floor hockey, team handball, kickball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, golf, ping pong, quoits, jump rope, fencing, shuffle board, archery, tennis, badminton, roller/inline skating), physical fitness (aerobics), and cooperative games (adventure games, parachute).