Academics at Ryan

Academic Affairs

Welcome to the Academics section of our website! I am honored that you have chosen Archbishop Ryan to educate your sons and daughters. At Ryan, we strive to educate the whole person and to teach as Jesus did - with our goal to form upstanding Catholic men and women. As your child progresses through their years at Ryan, they will grow spiritually and intellectually, gaining skills and knowledge that will allow them to be strong, confident contributing members our society.


Here we provide an academically rigorous curriculum that prepares all students for the challenges of the world in which we live. While our academic program is primarily a college preparatory curriculum, many of our programs assist students with special academics needs. As a larger school we have the unique opportunity to provide a myriad of courses and special programs that fit the interests and strengths of our students. Despite our size, we pride ourselves on focusing on the individual and providing the support and assistance each student needs to succeed.


If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Ms. Cathy Dooley

Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs

215-637-1800, Extension 6001


Honors Calculation

Honors will be calculated on a quarterly basis and will not include semester assessments or the semester average.
  • First Honors: Quarterly Average of 93; no single grade below 90
  • Second Honors: Quarterly Average of 88; no single grade below 85


Our leveled courses are designed to place students in classes according overall ability, interest and achievement. It is possible for a student to be in classes at different levels for different subjects. Also, a student is not locked into a particular level for all four years. Changes - when required and recommended by the teacher - may be made for the next school year.


Once the academic year begins, a student's course is changed only for serious and compelling reasons. All changes in course level are determined by the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs after review of records and in consultation with teachers and department chairpersons when appropriate.


The course levels are defined as follows:


Advanced Placement (AP) - AP refers to courses that utilize the course of study developed by the Advanced Placement Program of the College Board. All students registered in an AP level course are required to take the AP exam in May.

Honors Level (HL) - Honors refers to college preparatory courses for students of high or exceptional level ability and industry. Admission to this program is based upon past academic achievement in the subject area, teacher recommendation, and department chairperson approval.

College Prep Level (CPL) - College Prep refers to college preparatory courses for students of above average ability.

Academic Level (AL) - Academic refers to college preparatory and skills based courses for students of average ability.