Inaugural Appreciation Night Recap

Invited guests joined the ARHS Board of Directors and the school’s administration and staff in an evening of fellowship, tours of the school, and an information session provided by the administration regarding the school’s efforts to remain a vibrant part of the community.  

Invitations were sent to almost 200 donors who have made significant contributions over their lifetime.  In addition to these donors, invites were also sent to a small number of school volunteers and alumni groups, including the Friends of Ryan, In VIte Mane, and the Ryan Football Alumni Association – each of whom make substantial contributions and sacrifices consistent with their respective missions to help the school, its alumni and our football program.

In all, we welcomed 45 donors and volunteers.  Special thanks to Holly Conboy ’72 and Pat Flood ’72 for their assistance in running the event and to Hannah Barras ’17 for her video skills!  We look forward to expanding the invitation list next year and toward an even better event.