Academy Profile: Business Academy

Some of these opportunities include guest speakers, trips to universities with business programs, and competition. This year, we’ve had professionals come to speak about their experience with entrepreneurial spirit from starting their own businesses around the same age as our current students. Some of the guest speakers spoke about the various opportunities to apply different skills within a business and show the students options for business they may not have thought of before.

Students who choose to have a competitive edge participate in DECA. This organization allows students to focus on a particular part of business ranging from marketing to hospitality to finance to business management and administration. Students study their chosen topic, take a 100 question test, and then are given a roleplay scenario where they have a limited time to develop a solution and meet with a judge. This year’s district competition at Temple University, where over 30 of our students competed, they were able to bring home over a combination of 25 first, second, and third place trophies and medals! Many of these students were first time competitors.