2019 Spring Sports All-Catholic

Congratulations to the following student athletes who were selected to the All-Catholic team for their respective sport:
David Sims, Second Team
Sabien Rivera, Second Team
Adam Estrada, Third Team
Boys’ Lacrosse
Steve Neilson, Second Team
Boys’ Track and Field
Thomas Harper, First Team
Bradley Cantoral,First Team
Sean Marvel, First Team
Shane Weihe, Second Team
Thomas Harper, Third Team
Boys’ Volleyball
Gediminas Mokseckas, First Team
Meghan Kidd, First Team
Dana Bell, Second Team
Victoria Slook, Third Team
Lauren Hagy, Third Team
Girls’ Lacrosse
Olivia Simmons, Honorable Mention
Girls Track and Field
Kelsey Sebwe, First Team
Hannah Dunne First Team
Kara Brooks, First Team
Allyson Dembeck, First Team
Hannah Dunne, Second Team
Frances Chung, Second Team
Ana Fratanduono, Second Team
Erica Lazar, Second Team
Molly Kain, Second Team
Starr Williams, Second Team
Gabriella Brunkel, Second Team
Elizabeth Walp, Third Team