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Senior Dance, Friday, March 1, 2019

Congrats to members of the Class of 2019!
Class of 2019 Senior Dance Awards


Best Smile:

Gavin Dionisio, Olivia Simmons


Class Clown:

Bobby Lee, Baylee Santos


Cutest Couple:

Mary Grace & Tom Barrett


Most Likely to Succeed:

David Eniola, Mary Grace Meredith


Best Hair:

Hakim Abdus-Salaam, Natalia Domingot


Most Athletic:

Elvy DeCoo, Erin Dunphy


Most Obnoxious Laugh:

Sean Craven, Meghan Kidd


Nicest Eyes:

Peter Marcellino, Madison McGee


Most Likely to Become President:

 David Eniola, Mary Grace Meredith


Most Creative:

Kevin Grace, Justina Cahill


Nicest Personality:

Peter Marcellino, Erin Dunphy


Most Likely to Win the Lottery but Lose the Ticket:

Bobby Lee, Bri McClane


Most Likely to be Caught Sleeping in Class:

Jordan Cartwright, Summer Lam


Most Likely to Survive the Apocalypse:

Elvy DeCoo, Samantha Araujo