"The measure of love is to love without measure."

Every human being, at every stage and condition, is willed and loved by God.  For this reason, every human life is sacred.  To deprive someone of life is a grave wrong and a grave dishonor to God.  Because we are created in the image of God, who is Love, our identity and our vocation is to love. 


Thus, Ryan for Life gives students opportunities to promote the Catholic Church's pro-life teachings and ideals.  During the course of the year we sponsor two Respect Life Days to heighten awareness about the rights of the unborn and persons with disabilities, as well as issues of capital punishment and euthanasia.


A highlight of the year occurs in January when we coordinate our efforts with concerned individuals from across America as we "March for Life" in Washington, DC and protest the practice of abortion.  Archbishop Ryan High School students and faculty make the annual pilgrimage to Washington D.C  The 2017 March for Life was held on Friday, January 27, 2017. 


All students are invited and encouraged to take a stand by joining Ryan for Life.

Father Jonathan Dalin
Ryan Elkins '20