Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life is at the very heart the Archbishop Ryan community and our programs serve to foster the spiritual development of our students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and friends.

Through daily and school-wide Celebrations of the Eucharist, prayer at the beginning of and throughout the school day, service to the community, retreat programs, the promotion of Catholic identity and vocations, we put Jesus Christ at the very center of all we do at Ryan.

By engaging the Spiritual Life at Ryan, young people talk about their faith openly and practice it with enthusiasm alongside their classmates, peer leaders, faculty, and staff. 

We encourage you to consider seriously the many opportunities you have here to deepen your love for and relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church, to discover opportunities for prayer and worship, and to grow in your understanding of how God's love and grace are at work in your life.

“The challenge of discipleship - of following Jesus - is at the heart of the Church’s mission. All ministry with adolescents must be directed toward presenting young people with the Good News of Jesus Christ and inviting and challenging them to become his disciples.”
(USCCB, “Renewing the Vision,” 1997)