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~ 7th Grade Visitation


Below is the information letter for the 2018 7th Grade Visitation Day. Please open this file and bring it with you on March 14th.

Also, students will segmented in to groups of approximately twelve to fifteen students from many different elementary schools. Please open the file below to see your Group information.


Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I be there? It is best to arrive at 8:30am. The day will begin at 8:45am.

Where should I report? Enter through our main lobby or chapel doors. AR students will lead you to the North Cafeteria. 

What should I wear? Wear your school uniform but since we will be playing gym games, please wear a pair of sneakers. 

What will I eat? A free lunch will be provided, including a Hot Cheese, favorite top seller of the Archbishop Ryan cafeteria. You may also purchase items from our vending machines. If you plan on doing so, please bring dollar bills or change. 

What is planned for the day? Not to give too much away, but we will gather in the auditorium and open with prayer and introductions before being led away on classes by representatives of the National Honor Society. You will have the chance to meet many of our amazing teachers and students, eat a delicious lunch in our cafeterias, see our many clubs and sports teams, and compete in a series of games in the gym. Finally, you will see some highlights from our Spring play.

What time is dismissal? 2:00pm

7th Grade Universal Visitation Day

Wednesday,  March 14, 2018

Make Archbishop Ryan THE choice for this fun and informative day, and see all we have to offer your child.
If you want to be at Ryan for the 7th Grade Visitation:
  • If you are currently attending a Catholic Grade School, just let your 7th grade teacher know you will be choosing to attend Archbishop Ryan for Visitation Day. 
  •  If you attend a private, public, or charter school, have a parent or guardian contact the Office of Academic Affairs (215-637-1800, ext. 217) to schedule your day.