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2018-2019 Tuition and Fees

Catholic Student Tuition Rate plus School Fee for one student per year - $9,300

Non-Catholic Student Tuition Rate plus School Fee for one student per year - $9,550


For more detailed information on the tuition and school fee, tuition payment schedule, and tuition information from the Archdiocese Office of Catholic Education, please access the files below.


Financial Aid and Tuition Assistance Forms

The Office of Catholic Education has switched from Smart Aid to FACTS to process all applications for financial assistance. The application is available online at the link below. Families must re-apply each year for Financial Assistance.

Click here to apply to FACTS

If you have any questions about tuition and fees, please contact:
Diane Costello
Tuition Officer
215-637-1800 Ext. 213

Delinquent Tuition Policy

According to Archdiocesan policy, if a student’s family is not current in its payment of tuition and fees, the following results:
  • No student will be permitted to start a new school year with any outstanding balance from a previous year.
  • Rosters for a new school year will not be released unless all tuition and fees for the previous school year have been paid.
  • Families may not be more than 90 days in arrears on tuition payments at any time. Failure to cooperate may result in dismissal for non-payment of tuition.
  • Seniors who have not fully met their financial obligations will not be able to participate in graduation ceremonies and will not be granted a diploma.
  • Students may not attend a class dance (Senior Prom, Junior Dance, Sophomore Dance, and Freshman Dance) unless they are current in their tuition payments.
  • Students may not purchase a class ring or participate in any ring functions.
  • Transcripts may not be released for students who are not current in their payments.
  • Final reports may not be released if there is an outstanding balance.