English Language Arts

The English curriculum is designed to improve reading, writing, listening, speaking, and thinking skills for students of all abilities.  All students are required to earn four credits in English to graduate.

Throughout the curriculum students are introduced to a variety of literature, including novels, short stories, plays, poems, and non-fiction.  They are expected to do an extensive amount of writing, including narrative, informative, and argumentative. Class discussions and cooperative learning are major components of English classes, and all students are expected to participate fully. 

All four years follow Common Core curriculum as prescribed by the Office of Catholic Education, concentrating on reading, speaking, listening, and writing. In addition, most freshmen take Writing Skills—a one semester writing intensive course designed to build confidence

For sophomores, DIGITAL LITERACY, a course designed to help students read and write for the digital world

Sequential Writing Program - a four year comprehensive plan to make sure each student is competent in writing and conventions of written English.

AP English Language and Composition in junior year concentrates on rhetoric. courses are open to students who are interested, who are willing to take on the extra work, and who are recommended by their teacher.

AP English Literature and Composition in senior year concentrates on genre.


Journalism I and II - hands on production of online newspaper, from managing, to writing, to layout.

Media - hands on production of audio and video.

Writing critically about film - focused study on the way cinema relates to storytelling and literature.

Writing for College - for students who have not had AP English but want to learn to write on a college level.

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