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The Ryan Fund

What is the Ryan Fund?


The Ryan Fund is made up of gifts from Archbishop Ryan’s loyal alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends. These contributions strengthen and support nearly every facet of our high school from operational expenses to the expansion of our academic programs to the enhancement of our athletic facilities, but its biggest impact is on our students.  When you give to the Ryan Fund, you help empower the Ragdolls and Raiders who rely on financial aid by providing them with the scholarship funds they need to pursue their dreams or improving programs to enhance their high school experience.  


Archbishop Ryan offers you the opportunity to direct your gift to the area that is most meaningful to you:  Academics, Athletics, Theater, Arts, Facilities, Unrestricted Giving and Tuition Assistance.


Why Give to the Ryan Fund?


Every gift, no matter what the size, will make a difference in the lives of our students and positively impacts the future of Archbishop Ryan High School.  The Ryan community has shown incredible passion and generosity throughout its almost 50 years of existence, and while we face increasing economic pressures, it is through your support that we remain one of the leading institutions in the Philadelphia area.  All gifts to the Ryan Fund are tax deductible.


Support the Ryan Fund today!


Ways to Give:


Online Giving:  Archbishop Ryan is pleased to accept online gifts.  You have the option to choose the way you would like to give:  Gifts can be a one-time charge to your credit card or a recurring gift to support our Ragdolls and Raiders.  All information you provide to Archbishop Ryan High School is completely secure. 

Gifts can be made online by clicking HERE.


Traditional Mail: Send your updated information and a check made payable to Archbishop Ryan High School or cash to:


Attn: The Ryan Fund

Archbishop Ryan High School

Alumni and Development Office

11201 Academy Road

Philadelphia, PA 19154


Matching Gifts:  Does your company match charitable gifts?  Ask your employer about their matching gift program.  Many corporations have programs that may double or even triple your gift to Archbishop Ryan High School.


Honorary and Memorial Gifts: Gifts made in honor or memory of a student, faculty member, coach or friend are gratefully accepted.


Sponsor a Student Program: Sponsor a Student Program is design to be a universal tuition assistance program providing potential supporters several donor options, various gifting levels and several different avenues through which to make contributions.


Educational Improvement Tax Credits (EITC) and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC):  EITC and OSTC are tax credit programs designed to let eligible businesses designate their tax dollars to support scholarship or educational improvement organizations (such as Archbishop Ryan) of their choosing.  This is one of the few opportunities you’ll ever have to direct your tax dollars to a specific destination.  These donations are then put 100% towards tuition assistance.


For more detailed information feel free to visit the following links:

                       EITC Overview

                        OSTC Overview



Planned Giving:  Join the Archbishop Ryan Heritage Society - Include Archbishop Ryan High School in your estate plan.  Donors can leave Archbishop Ryan:

  •       Money and assets
  •       Stocks, securities, and bonds
  •       Real Estate
  •       Life Insurance and death benefits


To learn more about Planned Giving, click the link below. 


Become a member of our Giving Recognition Societies


Recognition societies honor and thank loyal alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends who help advance the mission of Archbishop Ryan High School through generous financial support. Society members enjoy a number of benefits, including invitations to members-only events and special Archbishop Ryan communications.  For all societies, membership is determined by gifts in a fiscal year, which is from July 1 to June 30.


Giving Recognition Societies


$0-99                           The Ragdolls and Raiders Society

$100 to 249                 Red, Black, and Gold Society

$250 to 499                 The We are AR Society

$500 to 999                 The Belong, Believe, Become Society

$1000 to 2499             The Spirit of Ryan Society

$2500 to 4999             The In Vite Mane Society

$5000 to 9999             The Blessed Mother Society

$10,000 to 24,999       St. Francis of Assisi Society

$25,000 and up           The Archbishop Patrick J. Ryan Society



For more information on the opportunities to support the Ryan Fund, contact:


Darek Raguza

Major Gifts OFficer

215.637.1800 Ext. 286